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St. Renais

Acquedolci Lipgloss

Acquedolci Lipgloss

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Designed by St. Renais

If you adored the Acquedolci Lip & Cheek tint, you'll absolutely adore the 'Cristallo' Lipgloss in the same Acquedolci line.

Inspired by the serene beauty of this coastal town, where crystal-clear waters meet the delight of sweet almond treats, St Renais have crafted their 'Acquedolci' lip gloss. This exquisite shade mirrors the town's essence, featuring an almond gloss with a hint of pink, perfectly harmonising with a wide range of skin tones.

Formula: The high shine formula is infused with olive oil and cocao butter to keep your lips hydrated.

Shine: Cocoa butter imparts a glossy finish to your lips, giving you a lustrous and radiant look.

Hydration: Olive oil is known for its moisturising properties, helping to keep your lips soft and supple throughout the day.

Lasting comfort: The lip glosses are designed to stay in place, providing lasting comfort without stickiness.

Nourishment: The infusion of olive oil and cocoa butter ensures that your lips receive the nourishment they need, preventing dryness and chapping.

Application: Utilise the fine, microfibre applicator to smoothly apply the lip gloss to both your upper and lower lips


Indulge in the sweet water views from Via Marina

Provence : Acquedolci, Sicily

Pigment : Almond dolcetti

Finish: Murano glass

Scent : Heavenly citrus blends

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