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St. Renais

Bari lipstick

Bari lipstick

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By St. Renais

Immersed in the melodies of legends under the historic roof of Teatro Petruzzelli, the largest theatre in the city of Bari is an iconic clay coloured building adorned with pure gold interiors. Our Bari is a timeless deep nude for those who adore neutrals. 

Origin: Where music transcends time & echoes within the clay-coloured walls of Teatro Petruzzelli

Provence : Bari, Italy

Pigment : Clay

Feels : As timeless as Frank Sinatra

Scent : Heavenly citrus blends

Formula: Our formula was intentionally crafted to create an ultra hydrating, restoring lip & cheek tint with pigment that lasts and a scent to revive.

Packed with 100% pure essential oils, Jojoba, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E this combination is a great source of antioxidants that moistens and protects the lips caused by free radicals.

For that perfect pout : Start with a lip liner that best matches your lips. Apply 1 coat of your Castiglione, use a lip brush to perfect with one more final coat. 

Use for a cheek tint : Add a splash of colour to your cheeks simply place the colour on your cheeks. We recommend using our Pear Blender (moisten slightly with water before use) gently dab the colour into your cheeks to create a smooth finish. 


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