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Rai Cin

Rai Cin - Cinnamon Spread

Rai Cin - Cinnamon Spread

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by RaiCin

The Original Raisin Cinnamon Spread is here to make any toast into Raisin Toast. You no longer need to find space in the freezer for a whole loaf of raisin toast, this spread turns your rye, wholemeal or gluten free bread into that raisin toast taste.

RaiCin is made in Australia, using 99% Australian Ingredients.

Dairy free, vegan, no artificial colours or flavours and delicious.

This delicious spread is not just for toast, you can mix a few tablespoons through a cake batter, spread it on waffles or English muffins, make an epic rum and Raicin homemade ice cream, mix it into your porridge, serve it on your next cheese platter as an alternative to quince paste, or even mix it into your next tagine or curry. Once you have a try of the unique RaiCin, you will be inspired to get creative in the kitchen and spice up your dishes.

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