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Korean Chilli Kimchi

Korean Chilli Kimchi

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* Please note: This product requires to be refrigerated, and can only be delivered to local areas including Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Metro areas.

By The Fermentier

Traditional Flavoured Kimchi that's Gluten Free and vegan!

This hot and spicey Kimchi will keep you coming back for more.

The origins of Kimchi Korean Style date back to the 1500’s and is an indispensable part of a Korean meal. Now we know why!

Soft chunks of fermented Chinese cabbage, white radish and spring onions are bathed in a glorious thick red sauce. You’ll experience a hot, spicey, tangy and a deliciously complex flavour.

You’ll find yourself wanting to add it to every dish that you serve. Yes, it’s addictive!

This authentic Korean style Kimchi is packed with nine different vegetables and fruit and is loaded with nutrients such as fibre, live microbes, iron, folate, vitamins A, B6, C and K. It’s also real low in calories (kilojoules).

This traditional recipe is from a close Korean friend of The Fermentier, who got it from her mum. She remembers making it as a three day family affair where her grandma and Aunties all came together to create their annual supply.

At The Fermentier we choose a wild fermentation process. This means this Kimchi is unpasteurised to keep the good live microbes. It’s all pure and raw, plus we have adopted the recipe to make it 100% vegan and gluten free.

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