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Shiraz & Raspberry Jam

Shiraz & Raspberry Jam

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by The Larder Store

Shiraz and Raspberry Jam is unique and exclusive to The Larder Store. You can taste the boldness of the shiraz and the tartness of the raspberries in perfect balance. It is not sweet, rather it is subtle and flavourful. It can be used to elevate sponge cake, scones, high tea, cheese boards (sharp cheeses) green apples, pear, kiwi fruit and is equally beautiful as a dollop on porridge with fruit compote, yogurt, or atop apple pie with ice cream.

Serving Suggestions: Great on croissants and even better on scones with freshly whipped cream.  Works perfectly with Turkey.

Ingredients:  Shiraz, Raspberries, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Pectin.

Quantity:  270g

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